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Social Responsibility – Big Impact with Small Business

Social responsibility is a hot topic now and is often discussed in the context of large corporations and significant financial investment. While most people agree with the notion of being a good corporate citizen and delivering positive benefits to the community, the prospect of influencing the direction of large institutions and ‘big money’ can seem extremely daunting.

Worry not - Hatchery has a mission to deliver social outcomes for small to medium businesses! We believe the most effective time to establish a ‘social outcomes’ culture is when a business is in its infancy. This brings social thinking to the forefront of product design, service delivery and operations, rather than being an afterthought that needs to be retrofitted to an organisation. This approach reduces the barrier of entry and ensures social outcomes are embedded into the DNA of an organisation.

Small to medium business presents a significant opportunity to deliver tremendous environment and community benefits, making up 99% of all Australian businesses and delivering 56% of all value added*.

Unsurprisingly, small businesses can be extremely volatile and non-employing small business have the lowest survival rates of all businesses. Any effort to deliver social outcomes needs to be done with business profitability and growth in mind. We believe this balance of financial outcomes and social outcomes is achievable and is why we practice a balanced approach to all consulting advice.

By looking at a business from the perspective of its strategy, operations, environmental impact and community impact, you can achieve long-term sustainability and success.

* The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman – Small Business Counts (2016). https://www.asbfeo.gov.au/sites/default/files/Small_Business_Statistical_Report-Final.pdf

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